How do I download a FREE pattern?

Right now the way the website is setup, you will have to add the pattern(s) of your choice to your cart. Then you will have to "purchase" by checking out. You must fully check out. All we need is your mailing address, NO credit card information will be needed for a FREE pattern. Once you have "purchased" a free pattern(s) you will receive an email order confirmation from us with the PDF download(s) link(s) for the pattern(s). You can download the file as many times as you like.

I've purchased a pattern and haven't received the PDF download.

Please note that you will get an order confirmation. Within that order confirmation there it will list the pattern(s) you have selected in which you click on and it will take you to the download section. If you still haven't recieved it, no worries! Just fill out the contact form and send us an email with your order number and I will personally send you the PDF's for your pattern(s).

How do I view the PDF download?

You will need to have a PDF reader installed. Most computers have this already installed but if you don't you will need to download a PDF Reader. I use Adobe Acrobat Reader (this is a FREE download). Follow the steps on their website and you will be able to view our patterns.

How do I print the Pattern(s)?

You will need to have a PDF reader installed in order to view or print the pattern(s). Once you have open the pattern in Adobe you can either click the printer icon on the top left hand side or click on file, scroll down to print and hit print. If you are having troubles finding the printing options you will then need to contact Adobe Acrobat Reader.




What is an Edge to Edge Quilt Design?

Edge to Edge Quilting is also refered to All Over Quilting, this is a service I provide where you will select an image that you will like to have all over the quilt. Edge to Edge uses rows of designs that nest together so it will be difficult to the eye of where they start and finish. This pattern will go from one edge of the quilt to the other edge, not stopping when coming up to a block or border. I offer TONS of designs available for you to choose from. The pattern of your choice can be determind if your quilt is more modern, traditional, feminine, masculine, or juvenile. It can also be determind by your fabric choices and the designs of your blocks.

What color thread should I choose?

This is all your choice! You can select a thread that will blend with the top of the quilt or your backing. You can have the thread color pop out so you can see the quilting design more, or have it more subtle. Still have no idea on what to choose? You can leave a comment in the large text box for me to decide on what color thread to use which will be based on what color thread matches best with your quilt.

I perfer my quilting to be done with Cotton Threads!

Well you are in LUCK! We are one of the fews Longarm Quilters that offer both Cotton and Polyester threads from you to choose from. For Cotton threads we like to use Suprior Treads in King Tut. Please make sure you select this options when filling out your order form.

I perfer my quilting to be done with Polyester Threads!

Well you are in LUCK! We are one of the fews Longarm Quilters that offer both Cotton and Polyester threads from you to choose from. For Polyester threads we like to use Glide by Fil-Tec. Please make sure you select this options when filling out your order form.

What do you mean by the density quilt option?

We offer Low, Medium, and High density quilting. Low density means the quilting pattern will be loosly and larger than most quilting. Medium is what we consider that "average" quilting size and is our most popular choice our customers choose. High is when the pattern is smaller and closer together. High density quilting will also give your quilt more texture BUT be aware your quilt may become more stiff.

How do I place a order for my quilt to be quilted?

Currectly this section is unavaiable right now. Check back with us in JUNE 2016!

How long will it take to have my quilt quilted?

Turn around times will be 2 - 3 weeks once I have received your quilt. This does not include the time for your ship us your quilt or the shipping time to get it back to you. Turn around time starts once we have recieved your quilt.

I will be providing my own batting but what would you prefer?

I prefer Hobbs! This is what I like, but any batting of your choice is fine. Here is a list of other batting brands that I also love: Quilters Dream, Warm and Natural, Warm and Plush (any wool batting is acceptable). Black color batting is accepted as well for darker quilts. What I do NOT recommend is anything polyester because the "polyester fuzz" sometimes tends to go through the stitching way more when it is being quilted, but if this is your prefered batting I will still gladly accept it! 

How do I pay for my Longarm Quilting Service?

Once we recieve your order form, we will bill you an invoice to the email address you have provided. Paypal will be the payment option.

What if I do not have a Paypal Account?

That is fine! You do not need to have a paypal account in order to pay for your service. Once you've recieve an invoice that is provided by paypal there will be an option in which you select and add in your payment info. 



If you can not find your question here then feel free to use the contact form to message me. I will gladly answer any questions you have.